Family Values


I am one of the first children to be conceived by in-vitro fertilization for a same-sex couple in the state of Connecticut. My mothers have lived through a lack a of legal rights and recognition of our family as a unit. Their passion for social justice has been engrained into my core values and has led me to tell our story. 

My brother Derek was adopted into the family when his mom passed away of cancer, and Angie and Marty assumed the roles of his ‘earth moms’. David became connected to our family when Marty started visiting him at a half-way house in New Haven, Connecticut.

The current social climate is concerning. My family fears for their rights as individual human beings, as lovers and as black men living in a broken system.

In correlation to the unsettling political and social climate, my family is experiencing a period of transition as well. I have begun to take care of my moms as they have taken care of me growing up.

I feel an urgency to show my family’s experiences because I cannot remain complacent and watch as our government attempts to take our rights away again.


 Con Todo mi Corazón


‘Con Todo mi Corazon’ explores the daily life of Mirtha, and Nathaly, mother and daughter who moved to the United States from Peru just after Nathaly was born. Mirtha left behind their family and life in Peru to show her daughter the opportunities that America could offer. Nathaly is now a member of the Air Force and is attending school to become an airplane mechanic. They have supported each other through the discrimination they have faced as immigrants in this country, as well as Nathaly’s challenge of being a women pursuing a male dominated career. These photographs aim to bring normalcy and humanity to the word ‘immigrant’ and invite the viewer to consider their connection to the subjects.

I met Nathaly 9 years ago and at some point in our friendship she became my sister and family. As did the important people in her life. 

Con Todo mi Corazón explora la vida diaria de Mirtha y Nathaly, madre y hija que se mudaron a los Estados Unidos de Peru después de que naciera Nathaly. Mirtha dejo atrás su familia y vida en Peru para demonstrarle a su hija las oportunidades que America podría ofrecer. Nathaly es ahora un miembro de la fuerza Aérea y esta atendiendo escuela para convertirse una mecánica de aviones. Ellas han apoyado al una al otra mediante la discriminación ellas han enfrentado como immigrantes en este país tanto como el desafío de Nathaly de ser una mujer perseguiendo una profesión dominada de hombres. Estas fotografías tienen el objetivo de traer normalidad y humanidad a la palabra ‘immigrante’ y invitan el espectador considerar su conexión a los sujetos.

Conocí a Nathaly hace nueve años y en algún punto en nuestra amistad ella se convirtió mi hermana y mi familia. Como lo hizo las personas importantes en su vida.

Hartford Has It


Hartford, Connecticut is a city overlooked by some, but it contains a vibrant community full of stories and journeys to be told. This is the beginning of a project that has started with photographs of Hartford residents I know and will expand beyond my immediate connections as the work progresses.